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Chiropractic Duluth GA Blood Work

Duluth Chiropractors at Complete Healthcare Medical Center offer blood work so that our healthcare professionals may gain a clearer understanding of the patient's overall health. At Complete Healthcare Medical Center, we offer a comprehensive blood work package that includes several different types of tests to screen for a variety of conditions and diseases.

CBC Testing in Duluth

Complete Blood Count testing measures your red and white blood cells to detect infections, anemia, diseases of the immune system and blood cancers. Learn more about the benefits of CBC testing here.

CMP Testing

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel testing measures the levels of 14 different substances in your blood to check several body functions such as liver and kidney health and your blood sugar levels. Learn more about the benefits of CMP testing here.

Lipids Panel

The Lipids Panel is used to help assess a patient's cardiovascular health by analyzing cholesterol and diagnosing other underlying medical conditions. Learn more about the benefits of lipids testing here.

TSH Testing

Thyroid-stimulating Hormone testing measures a patient's average blood sugar levels over the past three months to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes.

We look forward to helping you feel your best today. Please call us to schedule your blood work package.


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